The Mechelen justice discovers a of fraudulent companies

The Mechelen justice discovered a of thirty companies that have committed fraud for billing and tax scale. Two main suspects are in custody and two others were eventually released. They have among others misappropriated approximately six million euros.

There is a year and a half, the police spotted an established company in Knokke did not employ any staff and that appealed to the subcontract. Companies outsourcing using the same method and worked with the same accountant. One manager was hiding under a false identity and was not unknown to the court.

Further research then found that the first company was recognized as a "consultant" by the Flemish Community and could therefore have access to more subsidies. The investigation finally revealed a of thirty companies using the same system of fraud. The seats of these companies were constantly modified before being transferred abroad.

8 and 9 April, the Justice ordered several raids. Some 312,000 euros in jewelry, cash and bank accounts were seized. Nine suspects were arrested and four of them were sent to court. Two are still in prison.

According to the  the people involved are guilty of fraud subsidies, money laundering, false invoices and development tax evasion.