International of smuggling gun parts: a man arrested in Lyster

An international of smuggling gun parts was dismantled and a citizen of Lyster,, was arrested.

David, 36, faces 30 counts of manufacturing and smuggling of illegal weapons. The suspect, a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, is being held in Ontario and will appear on May 2

U.S. have been on the track following transactions and shipments of parts of prohibited weapons and accessories to improve the functioning of weapons. Performance enhancing parts have particularly their users to use a selector switch for converting semi-automatic weapons fire in fully automatic weapons. Other parts would allow a user to increase the autonomy of a firearm with ammunition store overcapacity. Were also discovered lower carcasses assault rifles illegally manufactured and bearing no serial number, as well as handguns illegally manufactured. These were not produced by a manufacturer in order, they carry no serial number can identify them.

Hundreds of, accessories used to improve performance and parts, including mufflers, switches, and thousands of rounds of ammunition were seized.

The man is also accused the United States in the import business.

The Ontario Provincial Police and has worked the investigation. Other charges may be filed later.