2013/4/24 disruptions BASE Liege and Namur

Many of you have reported to us that it was impossible to call and use the SMS service on Monday morning on the BASE in the regions of Liege and Namur. On his Twitter account, the operator has confirmed disturbances indicating that its teams were working to solve the problem.

Base explains about the disruption to its One of the suppliers of the operator would accidentally cut the main fiber line for roadworks:

"Due to a break in the fiber cable due to roadworks, BASE Company encounters problems on the 2G in the regions of Liege and Namur, which affects calls and sms. In some parts of Liege, the 3G is unavailable. We emphasize that emergency calls are always possible. All our teams are actively working to find a solution quickly. We present our apologies for any inconvenience.

To ensure maximum protection and optimum quality of our, a fiber-reserve is still in place and takes over in case of problems. Murphy's Law has unfortunately hit. One of our suppliers started this morning with upgrades and another vendor accidentally cut the main fiber line for roadwork, which is behind the cut. "

AppShopper, the social of mobile applications

Removed last winter due to a violation of Apple's internal legislation, enforcement this week reinstated the in a different form and changed his tune.

Hard times for applications "sales and good planning" on the The golden age freebie seems to have gone: Apple is keeping watch and does not count so easily leave the "snitches" crack down on its own purchasing platform. For proof, AppGratis (France) was asked to pack his bags last week and others now fear the same fate. The case caused a stir in France and the French Minister of Digital Economy Fleur Pellerin is also leapt to denounce the sentence and the unilateral withdrawal of the application:

"This is not a virtuous and worthy of a company that size behavior" and "I ask Apple to be responsible," and "have an ethical and consistent with its brand behavior" she had indeed told a press conference in the Paris business. adapts, meanwhile, did not wait for the reactions of his elect to change his tune. After being removed from the store last December, the application is now returning in a revamped version of a new concept called Social

Focused on interaction, Social to discover the recommendations of its "friends" to keep abreast of industry news and discover, in the form of personalized suggestions, the most useful applications based on its profile usage.

The Mechelen justice discovers a of fraudulent companies

The Mechelen justice discovered a of thirty companies that have committed fraud for billing and tax scale. Two main suspects are in custody and two others were eventually released. They have among others misappropriated approximately six million euros.

There is a year and a half, the police spotted an established company in Knokke did not employ any staff and that appealed to the subcontract. Companies outsourcing using the same method and worked with the same accountant. One manager was hiding under a false identity and was not unknown to the court.

Further research then found that the first company was recognized as a "consultant" by the Flemish Community and could therefore have access to more subsidies. The investigation finally revealed a of thirty companies using the same system of fraud. The seats of these companies were constantly modified before being transferred abroad.

8 and 9 April, the Justice ordered several raids. Some 312,000 euros in jewelry, cash and bank accounts were seized. Nine suspects were arrested and four of them were sent to court. Two are still in prison.

According to the  the people involved are guilty of fraud subsidies, money laundering, false invoices and development tax evasion.

International of smuggling gun parts: a man arrested in Lyster

An international of smuggling gun parts was dismantled and a citizen of Lyster,, was arrested.

David, 36, faces 30 counts of manufacturing and smuggling of illegal weapons. The suspect, a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, is being held in Ontario and will appear on May 2

U.S. have been on the track following transactions and shipments of parts of prohibited weapons and accessories to improve the functioning of weapons. Performance enhancing parts have particularly their users to use a selector switch for converting semi-automatic weapons fire in fully automatic weapons. Other parts would allow a user to increase the autonomy of a firearm with ammunition store overcapacity. Were also discovered lower carcasses assault rifles illegally manufactured and bearing no serial number, as well as handguns illegally manufactured. These were not produced by a manufacturer in order, they carry no serial number can identify them.

Hundreds of, accessories used to improve performance and parts, including mufflers, switches, and thousands of rounds of ammunition were seized.

The man is also accused the United States in the import business.

The Ontario Provincial Police and has worked the investigation. Other charges may be filed later.

Japanese police recommends blocking digital

The National Police Agency (NPA), the coordinating agency of the Japanese police, wants Internet service providers block access to the TOR (The Onion Router) anonymous

This decentralized transits Internet connections through servers of volunteers spread across the world in order to anonymize.

The willingness of the authorities arose from a failure in the hunt for a user at the end of last year, reports The Mainichi quoted by Wired UK.

A pirate named has sent death threats on forums using four connection addresses (IP addresses) different. Police first arrested the four people whose addresses were used and obtained false "confessions" ... before seeing that messages were always sent. Earlier this year, police arrested the alleged threats. Inspecting its computers, investigators discovered that he used regularly to anonymize its digital connection.


The NPA has formed a panel to look into the ways to fight against crimes "abusing" the digital system. In its report submitted Thursday, April 18, the panel explained that the anonymization tool was used in recent years for sending death threats on forums, theft of money by hacking into websites of banks, sending messages on "dating sites" between men and children or publication of information security of the Tokyo police.

To fight against these abuses, the panel recommends blocking the connection to the user when accessing a site by an officially listed as one of a discrete server IP address. "There are about 3400 nodes and digital listed" identifiable and potentially lockable says, a volunteer who maintains a node. But there are about a thousand other nodes not listed, the "bridges", whose addresses are not known publicly, says the volunteer.

The TOR, it is here exploited for illegal activities, is also an essential tool for some political struggles, so that Reporters Without Borders recommends in its digital survival kit. "TOR is used by those who want to keep a minimum of anonymity and privacy and those who want to keep their anonymous servers with domain names. Onion [only accessible through this], which allows you to publish unmolested, "said, which evokes particular WikiLeaks dissidents or bloggers in some countries.