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Removed last winter due to a violation of Apple's internal legislation, enforcement this week reinstated the in a different form and changed his tune.

Hard times for applications "sales and good planning" on the The golden age freebie seems to have gone: Apple is keeping watch and does not count so easily leave the "snitches" crack down on its own purchasing platform. For proof, AppGratis (France) was asked to pack his bags last week and others now fear the same fate. The case caused a stir in France and the French Minister of Digital Economy Fleur Pellerin is also leapt to denounce the sentence and the unilateral withdrawal of the application:

"This is not a virtuous and worthy of a company that size behavior" and "I ask Apple to be responsible," and "have an ethical and consistent with its brand behavior" she had indeed told a press conference in the Paris business. adapts, meanwhile, did not wait for the reactions of his elect to change his tune. After being removed from the store last December, the application is now returning in a revamped version of a new concept called Social

Focused on interaction, Social to discover the recommendations of its "friends" to keep abreast of industry news and discover, in the form of personalized suggestions, the most useful applications based on its profile usage.